The Strange, Empty SWTOR Battleground

Remember Ilium? When SWTOR launched last year, it was the focal point for complaints about the game – a badly-balanced, badly-designed PVP zone.

Now, a year later, Shintar revisited Ilium, and found it to be … well, odd:

“About ten minutes later, we were back on our mains, Commando and Vanguard. Since we were now on the side that didn’t own the area, we could actually capture all the objectives. It felt kind of anti-climatic though, as everything just consisted of two ten-second casts which then declared the objective captured… and nothing else happened. No rewards, no fireworks, no big changes. There were no more Imperials in the area either. The only good thing about it was that we received a buff that would grant us bonus valor from warzones for an hour.

We did queue up for a couple of games to make use of the buff, while staying on Ilum the rest of the time to see if anything interesting was going to happen between our matches. It didn’t. Eventually another guildie joined us, and it was rather amusing that he too was utterly confused by the place, considering that he’s been playing for a long time and PvP is his big passion.”

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