The MMOs of 2013

It’s the dawn of a bright new year – and whilst it’s not going to be the juggernaut that 2012 was MMO-wise, there are a fair number of games on the horizon.

A number of bloggers have been looking at the likely offerings – here are two posts I spotted.

  • Syl picks her top three from the likely MMOs of the year“I feel a little tired with the speed of MMO releases every year; I’d like to play less games but play them longer. And from that point of view I place my trust in Middle-Earth and Tyria, while a return to Telara is certainly not unthinkable.”
  • And Anjin offers short, cynical, but very complete opinions on literally everything that’s in the MMO pipeline right now“Age Of Wulin/Wushu – A Chinese MMO coming to the west. I can’t see how that could ever go wrong. (Um, can someone remind me the correct HTML code to sarcasm tag something?)”