Should Vendors Be More Choosy?

Take any random vendor in any modern MMO. Try to sell them weapons. Fine. Now try selling clothing. Fine. Boar’s teeth? Fine. Beef? Fine. Spider web? Sure, why not?

But should it really be that way? Isn’t there something to be said for making the virtual world feel a little more real?

The Ancient Gaming Noob is looking back into the history of the MMORPG with this great post, talking about an age where vendors would only buy a few, specific things, and asking if convenience is really better:

“And with all of that, you still ran the risk of selling something of value to other players… something you could sell or trade… to a vendor without knowing. As I mentioned above, you needed a scroll of identify to see what an item did. There were no stats on demand and equipment was not color coded by the now standard formula (gray, white, green, blue, purple) to indicate relative worth. Of course, once you sold the item to a vendor, it cost you a lot more to buy it back. It seemed that vendors were in the business of making money… or at least acting like they were there to make money as opposed to just being a place to dump your crap.”

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