Is Dust 514 Extremely Ambitious, or Totally Doomed?

EVE Online-universe shooter DUST 514 is getting closer and closer to release, and beta reports are starting to surface in profusion. And what we’re hearing is – well, it’s either fascinating, deeply concerning for the game, or both. This ain’t your regular shooter – instead, it’s a kind of EVE-FPS hybrid.

Will it blaze a brave new trail, or burn down, fall over and sink into the swamp?

  • Jester explains why [he won’t be playing DUST]() – “Yeahno. Not interested. I’m already playing one game where it takes a half-decade before I feel like I’m being successful.”
  • Warp Drive Active gives us a very in-depth look at the game, coming out with some less than optimistic conclusions“I have very little faith the game can and will be brought to a state that it needs to be in order to worth a long term investment of your time.”
  • And Chris at Game By Night gives us a summary of his experience as a non-EVE Online player“So what do we have? A game connected to an MMO its audience doesn’t care about, with an extremely steep learning curve, that makes players feel underpowered and overwhelmed right off the bat, and with little other than an auction house and skill system to call unique. “