Great Overview Of The Secret World’s Latest Big Event

Did you know there was a big Christmas event happening in The Secret World? Neither did I.

But there was! It involved Mayans, mummies, the end of the world (of course), and a fair number of ideas both great and terrible, according to Oz at Kill Ten Rats’ report:

“Funcom came up with a brilliant idea to play on the actual events here in our world. When I saw my first mummy (which actually was Xibalba, who I barely killed), I immediately got the reference. Last night, on my first trip to the Crusades Bar, which is end-of-the-world themed, I cheered. The mobs themselves were graphically fun to look at. However, the spawn mechanic needed some tweaking. Xibalba needed a serious downgrade. And Funcom needed to react to the issues players were reporting. Instead of changing the event in any way, the only response from them was they were on vacation until Jan 3rd. ”

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