Are Other MMOs Badder Than EVE?

Nozy Gamer’s been told that EVE is a bad, bad place full of bad, bad people one too many times, it seems. So he’s gone on a rampage – a rampage of collation of all the incidents of griefing, exploitation and general villainy in other MMOs. Interesting reading, particularly if you tend to think your MMO is whiter than white by comparison to EVE –

“Many players are upset with the permanent bans issued by ArenaNet but this is not the first big exploit encountered in the game. Back in August over 3,000 players were permanently banned for using an exploit for crafting high-level weapons “one thousandth of their normal price.” ArenaNet relented and reduced many of the bans down to 72 hours but apparently the event did not deter many from taking similar actions over the holidays.”

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