Are Fractals GW2’s Doom?

Most people loved the new Fractal dungeons in Guild Wars 2 – at least when they were first introduced. But since then, there’s been steadily more muttering against them.

Is it just whining? Perhaps not, according to Malefic Incantations, who offers a well-thought-out argument as to why Fractals could divide and destroy GW2 –

“This is not just raiding, this is grind! ArenaNet has over and over said that this game would not have grind, but now we have Fractals. This is the gear grind treadmill that they promised us we would not encounter. These are typical, WoW-esq raids, in mini packages so we do not call them raids. While there should be challenging end-game content, the requirement that you must grind in order to be well equipped, goes against the MMO Manifesto ArenaNet themselves created.”

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