A Tale Of An Eldest Daughter And A Griefer

One topic that I’ve seen come up in the MMOSphere again and again is that of parenting and MMOs. When do you let your children play MMOs? How do you guide them, and how do you avoid problems?

Today Redbeard’s got a great post on that topic, telling the story of the time his eldest daughter was first griefed in Lord of the Rings Online:

“She was moving her Elven Hunter all over a clearing, following some near max-level toon around. “I was killing this dude for a quest, and this IDIOT came and took the treasure out of the chest I was supposed to open!”

“Ah.” I sat down and looked over her shoulder.

“I want to attack him so bad…. But I CAN’T!!”

“Well, you could challenge him to a duel –at least I think you can in LOTRO– but you’re L32 and he’s L73. It wouldn’t be a contest.”

“But I am just so mad right now! I have to wait and do the whole thing again!!!”

I sighed. “Yeah, I know. You just met the ninja looter. They’re one of the asshats you’ll meet in MMOs.””

Read the rest: Attack of the Ninja Looters