WoW Roundup: Pandaren and self-image, China and Inspiration

It’s a busy time for MMOs – but the 300lb gorilla of them all, WoW, is still doing very well, thank you. Here’s our pick of the week’s posts on WoW so far:

  • The Grumpy Elf takes the argument that some WoW mechanics are outdated seriously, and spends some time considering whether concepts from equipment repair to quest items have passed their prime“The low drop rate quests time has come and gone. In a game that has changed in an effort to funnel you to the end game as soon as possible it means there is no longer a need for low drop rates. “
  • Sunnier spent some time in China recently, and presents a collection of pictures of real-life inspiration for elements of Mists of Pandaria“I only got to see a relatively small part of the country, but some of it seemed pretty familiar already.”
  • Tzufit writes a really interesting piece looking at her reaction to her new “self” as a Pandaren female“There’s definitely a weird spectrum for me (and possibly for other female gamers) when it comes to how much I want my character to be like me versus how much I want my character to be like the idealized version of me. “
  • Chasey gives us an interesting look at just how different the world-first guilds and their members are to the rest of us“People that get to where these people are in game are no different than any other 1% in the world. It isn’t easy and takes a special kind of person.”
  • And last week, Big Bear Butt brought us the news of the patch – in song“The patch is here, oh the patch is here, life is bacon and life is beer, I think the most wonderful time of the year is the patch, I do! Don’t you?”

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