Would You Love These MMORPGs?

‘Tis the season of new MMO releases, it would appear. With so many games crowding onto the scene, it’s hard to even keep track, let alone evaluate all the new options.

That’s why I’m so glad there are bloggers doing it for me! So, if you want to know what’s new and interesting – read on.

  • West Karana takes a look at uber-hardcore, death-filled MMO Wizardry Online” They aren’t lying. This is a hardcore game. There is permadeath. But the game is also somewhat… annoying. Still, it may be your cup of mead, if you long for the days of another hardcore MMO, one called EverQuest.”
  • A Ding World visits upcoming indie MMO City of Steam“During the time I have spent with this game this weekend I have gone from enthusiasm, to some disappointment and back to a positive view of the game.”
  • Keen explains why some of the upcoming content for Planetside 2 has got him so excited“Am I the only one underwhelmed these days by what game developers are showing? I haven’t gone “woah” in a long time. The Bastion Fleet Carrier blew me away, made me say “woah”, and got me excited to log into PS2 this afternoon as soon as possible.”
  • And Syp takes a look at a new frontier – an MMORPG that’s fun on a mobile“What strikes me as compelling about Arcane Legends is that it seems far more polished and engaging than its predecessors. Less confusing, too. It’s easy to see where I’m going, as the camera’s not swiveling about all the time. “

Are you playing any lesser-known MMOs right now?