Why Can’t WoW Let Us Raid Cross-Server?

It’s been a dream for a long while – since WoW was launched, in fact. That one day, some how, there would be a way that we could raid with our friends, no matter what server they were on.

Now, with cross-realm raiding a reality, it seems that day could be here – if Blizzard were to choose to make it so.

The reason they’re not? They’re worried about the effect on guilds.

Today, we’ve got two bloggers arguing that’s not a killer problem – and indeed, that Blizzard should let us raid current content cross-realm, already!

First up, Shy takes a wider look at the entire problem, and asks why realms matter at all

“But would the player base not find another way to measure how they are doing in the competition? Would in the end it not be better actually that you’re not measuring apples against pears?

There is no possible way that FP can compete with Dream Paragon for example. And doing so is only leading to disappointment in the end.

And even comparing ourselves against the number 1 on our own server is not a fair comparison. We raid 10s, they raid 25s. We raid only 8 hours per week, casually. They raid for 16+ hours.

Yet, these sort of sites compare the two guilds together and say how much better one is above the other.

I believe that if it would actually become possible to compare experience with experience, and time invested with same time invested with each other, it would become a lot more satisfactory, for a lot of players. It would feel good to be the best in your own league, the best in what you do. The best when all is set to even footing.”

Shy’s got a good point here, and overall I agree with her. It’d be great to have more sophisticated way to compare apples against apples in WoW.

Meanwhile, Big Bear Butt writes a beast of a post on the subject of cross-realm raiding, starting from Ghostcrawler’s point about worrying about guilds, and then thinking of the ramifications of that – and the solutions to that problem, and the ramifications of them, and so on

“I’ve heard that a big problem with cross-server guilds would be guild bank access shared across servers, places with different economies. I believe the argument is that would allow guilds to have the potential to become the East India Trading Company, doing triangle trade deals across servers, and placing ‘normal’ players at a competitive pricing disadvantage.

Imagine for a moment the rise of mercantile guilds, guilds of auction house traders purchasing cloth cheap on Azuremyst, selling it at higher prices on Kael’thas, using the profit to buy cheap Darkmoon Cards on Kael’thas and flipping them high on Vol’jin, and then buying cheap ore on Vol’jin to sell at a profit on Azuremyst.

Umm…. SO WHAT?!?!

Shit man, go for it. I’d love to see another, deeper aspect to the game economy emerge.

If you’re upset because you like the status quo, you’ve got a good thing going and this would make your gold-making system fail, well, I have no sympathy for you. You want to rule the auction house in a changing economy, adapt or die. Don’t try to throw up roadblocks to change to protect your own interests… or at least, acknowledge that you’re basically mirroring the real world business model by trying to stem the tides of change when that change isn’t in your favor.”

This is a lovely piece of MMORPG futurism, and I highly recommend it. If you want to see what WoW might look like in 5 years’ time – give it a read.

What do you think of all this? Could current-content cross-server raids work?