Where Did SWTOR’s Same-Gender Romances Go?

It’s one year since Star Wars: The Old Republic launched, and it’s fair to say the game’s had more than its share of ups and downs.

But whilst there’s been all sorts of noise about the game from all sorts of directions – F2P, released to o early, content updates, etc, etc – one topic has stayed very silent since it was first raised: gay romance options.

Bioware promised same-gender romance options a year ago, but one year later and not only aren’t they in, they aren’t on the horizon. Several bloggers have been asking just what’s up with that.

First up, Cleeyah updates us on the story so far – a story which I suspect even SWTOR players may not be fully aware of

“Over the year we got fed a few scraps of inform­a­tion, but over­all our interest was met with an almost deaf­en­ing silence. There is one lonely thread on the Story and Lore forum that has gone through sev­eral rein­carn­a­tions dur­ing the whole year and it took a ridicu­lous amount of work to get even a very sparse answer out of the com­munity man­agers. Which basic­ally boiled down to “We can­nto tell you any­thing.” Any other thread was either deleted or got redir­ec­ted to that lonely ghetto thread. Only recently another thread on the gen­eral forum was allowed to per­sist. Unsur­pris­ingly the the­ory of a gag-order from some higher ups has cropped up. Some days I believe in it , too.”

Cleeyah makes the point that it’s not the lack of content that’s even the problem in this situation – it’s the lack of communication. And that’s a point which Bridgette at Lez Get Real expands on

“Over the last year, we have gotten a couple of statements telling us that BW-A still plans on making SGRA’s at some point in the future. The problem is, they will not give a time line. While they claim that writing these stories is a long and involved process, the reality is that writing is not difficult, and while yes, there are things that need to be fixed, the existence of opposite gender romance arcs in game already feels insulting to many of us LGBT gamers who have come to expect more from BioWare.”

Obviously, this entire issue is complicated further by SWTOR’s rocky year so far – it’s not hard to see how issues like this can have been put on the back burner as the game struggles to stay afloat. But still, this is a pretty hot-button, key issue, particularly for Bioware.

So what’s going on, I wonder?

What do you think?