Two Quick Views on RIFT Dimensions

RIFT’s Dimension player housing system has attracted a lot of attention recently – it’s innovative, flexible, and exciting.

But is it any good?

Well, handily, a couple of bloggers have been testing the Dimension system out lately, and they’ve come to some very different conclusions.

First up, Syp’s started decorating his Dimension, and he’s in seventh heaven

“The other major thing I started to do was to get some stairs in place for the second level. I thought that that would be important to do early on so I don’t back myself into a corner. Plus, I need to get up there to start laying down the slabs to serve as the ceiling/floor between the levels.

I also purchased a music box so that the strains of Silverwood’s score would be playing while people explore.

Can I say again what a dream this system is with which to work? It’s taking some time to make sure everything lines up right and works fine, but it’s ridiculously simple to handle. I really can’t wait until I get this done and open it up to the public, but I’m not going to pull that trigger until it’s done. ”

Meanwhile, The Ancient Gaming Noob also decided to get his interior decorating on – but found that it just wasn’t quite clicking

“My dimensional malaise sort of took me by surprise, as I have been much more enthusiastic about housing in other games, like LOTRO and EverQuest II.

I think there are two things that are different in Rift.

First, the dimensions are kind of a raw material, a palette on which to express yourself, on which you can build your own home. A lot of people really go nuts for that, as I saw in the beta tour. But I don’t think I really want to actually design and build a house. I think I prefer one pre-made, a structure within which to work. Rift is, perhaps, a bit too much “from scratch” for me. ”

Have you tried the Dimension system out yet? What did you think?