The Secret World goes Buy-To-Play: Blogger Reactions

Yes, troubled MMO The Secret World has pulled off a spectacular, screeching 90-degree turn in its business model this week, moving from subscription to a Guild Wars 2-like buy-and-play-forever model.

But will it fix the game’s problems? Is it a sustainable model? And will anyone new actually buy it?

  • The Nosy Gamer is very happy about the change, which he feels could well give the game the fresh start it needs“I’m often amazed at the reactions to the game and wonder what would have happened if the game launched with the same buy-to-play model as Guild Wars 2. I work with a DUST bunny who’s never played a subscription MMO but now that TSW has dropped the sub he’s ready to go.”
  • Unsubject’s considerably less convinced – he thinks that TSW will end up stuck between two stools – again“For a B2P approach to work it in today’s market it would have to offer something interesting and I think that TSW has failed to do this.”

What do you think? Will you be giving TSW a bash?