Some Thinking For The Weekend

‘Tis the season… for serious, deep thought, apparently. Here are a few serious, thoughtful posts to take you into the weekend:

  • Balkoth writes an excellent, highly analytical post arguing it would be a very bad idea to let WoW players raid current content cross-server“Whenever social upheaval occurs in WoW, guilds tend to dissolve and people tend to quit. So how much stability are you willing to give up for fluidity? How much are you willing to sacrifice on the altar of cross-realm raiding?”
  • Doone makes the sure-to-be-controversial statement that much current game design – and almost all MMORPG game design – is highly unethical“I know, this is a really rough indictment, but I think I can show that it’s not an extreme view of things and in fact it’s the normal state of things. This is what makes the problem invisible to us. This is what will make many of you say “I don’t see the problem.””
  • And Saxsy makes an equally controversial – and very interesting – case for allowing RP characters to have extreme levels of power or ability“That, I think, is the key to determining the propriety of the extra power. Is the power something that would be the focus of the RP, or at least an influence for the RP? Or is it something that you have no intention of following through on?”

Have a great weekend!