Retribution, Nullsec and Special Edition Assets – EVE roundup

There’s a new EVE expansion out! And also, Christmas!

Catch up with the latest in the cold, dark, unforgiving void of space here:

  • Stabs argues that whatever’s wrong with nullsec right now, the players can’t fix it“The combined power of the Honeybadger Coalition and the Clusterfuck Coalition is now too strong for any third party to stand against them.”
  • The Ancient Gaming Noob takes a look at the new expansion, finding it full of circles“They certainly makes targets more visible in space. And, when combined with the new camera target tracking option, which shifts the camera to point in the direction of your currently selected target automatically, you can maintain better situational awareness when you need it. “
  • And Jester gives us a glossary of ancient EVE trivia, which is related to some Christmas content but I found fascinating even without it“Little Helper, Female: This is a reference to the fact that many, many, many EVE players carry one unit of Exotic Dancers in their cargo.”

Enjoying Retribution if you’re playing it?