LoTRO: Tarot and Reactions To Overpriced Horses

A virtual hobby-horse for fifty REAL dollars? That’s the big news in LoTRO right now – but not the only news…

  • Cosmetic LoTRO has started a very cool new project in LoTRO costuming – she’s creating every card of the Tarot as a LoTRO outfit“The Fool is the very first card of the Tarot. It is numbered 0. The Fool, and the number 0, represent the unwritten page, the step into the unknown, innocence and youthful excitement. “
  • Bernard Parsnip breaks down the Expense-O-Horse offering from the LoTRO store and believes it’s going to be less of a problem than players expect“The net result is that you are very, very rarely going to see the hobby horse. There are a million other immersion-ruining aspects (#1 – other players’ behavior) that will impact your enjoyment of LOTRO more than the horse.”
  • And Syp looks at the developer post that started the whole row, arguing that it was a terrible example of requesting feedback” I mean, okay, I get that the developers don’t just want to hear nerdrage that’s completely unproductive and just vile, but the whole post starts from the assumption that that is coming and conducts some sort of pre-emptive strike that hits everyone:”

So, $50 hobby-horse – mad, bad, sad or actually perfectly OK?