WoW Roundup: Returning, Riot And (More) Reputation

What’s that? WoW blogging? Nope, can’t round it up now – I’m too busy grinding reputation…

Kidding aside, whilst the reputation debate is still in full flow, there’s more going on with WoW than just that:

  • Matticus thoughtfully joins the bloggers suggesting that Blizzard might want to take a long hard look at League of Legends’ anti-asshole systems“There’s no actual incentive here. There’s no access to free champions. There’s no additional skins. None of that. It’s just a simple point based system to rank other players based on their degree of helpfulness which is divided into 4 categories”
  • Lono responds to Kurn’s “Why I’m Leaving” series with an article on why he came back“You don’t play an MMO multiple years without loving something fundamental about it. “
  • Typhoon Andrew wonders whether endless rep/Valor grinds, whilst hard work for endgame, might be entirely appropriate for the Legendary chain“While I think the grind itself around gearing with Valor is poor in Pandaria, I’m all for the Legendary being brutally punishing, the harder they are the better.”
  • And Matthew Rossi looks at ways that the Reputation system could be and has been improved“As an insanely old bearded madman it is fair to say that I have dragged my ancient, grumbling carcass from expansion to expansion, finding various ways to get various groups to like me (often via the application of murdering pixels or collecting pixels off of murdered pixels) and I have always come to loathe the groups I’ve gained rep with along the way.”

I really hope that Blizzard do look at something like the League of Legends Honor system. Indeed, I have an idea or two on ways it could be implemented into the game – might be time for an editorial…

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