WoW Roundup: PR, Healing, Faction Changes and more

So, what’s up in the world’s biggest MMO this week? Well, we’ve had the 8-year anniversary (complete with copy-paste email and underwhelming gift), and other topics include improving healing, surviving Tier 14 and the bugbear of Public Relations…

  • The Godmother writes two great posts on a shared topic – PR, unpopular features, and public relations blunderspost 2“Blizzard is clearly not the same entity it was when the game first debuted in the US in November 2004. An awful lot has been pumped into the business of PR since those early days”
  • Shy offers her thoughts on improving and fixing the state of healing in MoP – she’s got some unusual, interesting and controversial opinions“Healing should not be about carefully pre-planning the entire fight in your head. Holding back at times because you know if you don’t it will be a wipe at a later moment anyways due to mana shortage.”
  • And Beruthiel lays out how her raid group are coping with the onslaught of Tier 14 raid content“With those things in mind we made the decision, regardless of the disjointed feel of the released content, to progress just as we would have done should all of the content had been released at the same time. “

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