WoW Patch 5.1: Blogger Reactions

Yes, the Fastest Patch In The West is out – and it brought class changes, new questlines, Brawler’s Guild, and more.

So what did the assembled minds of the MMO Blogosphere think?

  • The Grumpy Elf is spectacularly unhappy with the queue-tastic implementation of the Brawler’s Guild“The waiting factor was a step back but gathering massive amounts of people and giving them a venue to spew all their hatred at other people is… unspeakable.”
  • The Godmother explains why so many features of this patch have come as a total surprise“I’ve read various interviews on how Blizz Dev’s hate the dataminers: it removes an element of surprise from events that they work hard to create dramatic tension and conflict within.”
  • Lorehound looks at the relationship between too little and too much content“But lately I’ve been seeing discussion among players that is a complete 180 — allegations of too much content. “
  • Shy feels that the new PvP focus means she doesn’t feel like a hero any more“I don’t even feel like a hero with the dailies anymore. In fact this entire expansion doesn’t feel as if the players get to be the hero. It feels as if we’re all soldiers, playing our little parts, but nobody stands out.”
  • And Lono praises MoP in general for bringing choice back into the game” Choice as to what you want to do a particular evening (battle pets, crafting, raids, dungeons, challenges,pvp…) and choice in how you get there. You actually have so control over how to progress through Pandaria this time around.”

What do you think of Patch 5.1 so far?