Why F2P Restrictions, Are They Fair, And Should You Play At All? SWTOR Roundup

The SWTORsphere’s still quiet in expectation of the move to Free To Play this month – but there are still some interesting discussions going on in the blogosphere, plus a fantastic “10-month review” of the game that’s almost required reading if you’re not already playing…

  • Rohan looks at some of the restrictions in the Free To Play model, and points out some of the nefarious tricks they’re there to prevent“Just imagine what someone could do with a thousand accounts all slaved together. Even simple things like the /who command could bring a server to its knees if invoked simultaneously by everyone.”
  • Mighty Viking Hamster answers critics of the new F2P model, arguing that it was never intended for everyone“This model is for those customers who may pay a month here or there because their life schedule affords it or because they want a break from their MMO of choice and want something different for a while. It’s not meant for those people who want to make that galaxy far far away their home away from home.”
  • And Shintar writes a review of the game 10 months in – it’s from the perspective of an enthusiast, but nonetheless is really, really useful if you’re thinking of getting into or back into SWTOR“It’s worth noting that the game has no cross-server functionalities, and while the servers that remain after the merges mostly have a very large population, you’ll still start to recognise some names if you play for a prolonged period of time. “

F2P could happen as soon as this week – when it does, the Galaxy Far Far Away will become a very different place…

Are you planning to return to SWTOR when it goes F2P?