What is a gaming community, and how can we preserve it?

There has been a fascinating discussion about gaming community and how we can preserve and promote it, of late – and it’s only gathering steam.

Today we’ve got three fascinating posts looking at the problem from a variety of angles. It’s really starting to feel like this debate is going somewhere important, perhaps toward new ideas of how to create a less stressful gaming environment – here’s your chance to catch up:

  • Genowen takes Stubborn’s suggestion of asking problem players to “Honour the game”, and writes a manual for just how that can be done“The comments that follow these stories paint an interesting picture on the state of our community, and highlights that the majority of people are sick to death of fun suckers, that they mostly feel powerless to do anything about it as Blizzard haven’t provided the appropriate tools to deal with them, and that long-term players look back with misty eyes at the ‘good old days of WoW’.”
  • Stubborn expands upon his idea of “honour” and explains why he feels it serves as a positive call to action, not a rebuke“And as I said, it’s likely to fall on deaf ears a lot of time, but rather than having a nasty row that leaves everyone feeling excluded, you instead made a quick gesture of redemption and moved on. “
  • And Doone looks at how game communities are shaped, form and develop their core values“the tone and interaction of any given game forum is extremely reflective of the game itself. Visit Something Awful, Mount & Blade, Civilization, Torchlight, Secret World, or the Diablo forums and it won’t take long to see the connection between player behavior and the way the game plays/is designed.”

What do you think? Is it possible to change an entire game community?