What Bloggers Think About The Death Of Innovative MMO “Glitch”

It’s a sad day in the MMORPG world. One of the most innovative and interesting experiments in recent MMO history, Glitch, has closed its doors.

Several bloggers have written with feelings of sadness or anger about the unexpected demise of this ground-breaking MMORPG that apparently never achieved enough success:

  • Doone has spoken of his love for Glitch before – in his farewell post, he praises the team for the things they taught him about the genre“You don’t need violence in your game to achieve success. Combat, even defensive combat, doesn’t have to be overt and glorious to give the player the experience of triumph.”
  • Jeromai talks about the closure and how it shows that, above all else, MMORPGs are still a business“They had an optional cash shop for clothing and customization and what-not. I was always under the impression that it was working for them, that they had monthly subscribers and enough people paying for credits to keep them going.”
  • And Stargrace writes about how angry she is that so many players just expect a game like this to be free“!It makes me mad because so many people want games like this 100% free. They don’t want to spend $5 or $10 a month supporting the wonderful amazing people who work on games and not just this game, but lots of games out there. “

I never played Glitch, but I wish its development team had found more success with their model. The MMORPG world is lessened by its demise.

Did you ever play Glitch?