SWTOR Roundup: Is F2P doomed? Does My Virtual Ass Look Big In This?

SWTOR’s Free To Play transformation is well underway – and it’s still a very controversial subject. But it’s not the only topic under discussion this week – we’ve also got a look at the uncanny valley and some seriously inappropriate outfits…

  • Justin Olivetti at Massively takes a critical look at the design of SWTOR’s F2P, and worries it will drive potential players away“Whether I’m a subscriber, a paying free player, or a complete freeloader, I need to feel appreciated and welcomed by the game and its studio. F2P isn’t an automatic pass to the golden life, just an opportunity for a fresh start — or restart.”
  • Green Armadillo looks at one aspect of the F2P plan – caps on credits for non-subscribers – and predicts potential disaster” My server at least is seeing the global trade network flooded with unlock items that cost several dollars worth of cartel coins but that cost well under 350,000 credits. “
  • Talking of disaster, Njessi has been cataloguing in pictoral form all the ways you can have a SWTOR fashion crisis“Second, bikinis. So many bikinis. SARCASTIC THANKS, CARTEL MARKET.”
  • And Syp (no relation to Justin up top there, nosiree) considers how SWTOR’s presentation of its NPCs may have diminished his enthusiasm for the game“Sure, they have good voice acting, but their faces don’t really show emotion or match up to what’s being said. “Angry” and “orgasmic” are basically the same expression. “

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