Storm Legion’s Out – Do Bloggers Like It?

RIFT’s new expansion has launched, with player housing and much more. But what do the people with boots on the virtual ground think?

Join us as we find out…

  • The Ancient Gaming Noob managed to give us some initial confused-but-positive impressions – after he’d struggled through the patching woes“94% is like torment o’clock for the Rift loading screen. If it is going to hang on me, it is always at 94%. “
  • Syp’s not had much time to check it out yet, but what he has seen he really likes“This is something I have to devote a lot more time to evaluating, but I can say pretty confidently that this is one of the most intuitive and flexible player housing systems I’ve ever seen.”
  • And Kaozz is back, and he’s rather approving of his first impressions, too“It is nice to have the option to grab pre-made specs, by Trion. Very excellent choice for those just wanting to hop back in and not have to research on what exactly to spec.”

Overall, looks like Storm Legion has had a very positive first day!

Have you tried it yet? If so, what did you think?