Smaller MMOs: Planetside 2, Gorgon, DayZ, Glitch

It’s fantastic to see so much variety in the MMOSphere right now. I remember months when there was very little out there but WoW and EVE, so the current swell of interesting and often indie MMOs is fantastic to see.

Today we’ve got everything from Planetside to ultra-indie MMO Gorgon, so let’s get going…

  • Lorehound reviews new MMO first person shooter Planetside 2, finding it promising but far from perfect“Overall, I’m completely mixed about Planetside 2. On the one hand you have a great looking persistent MMOFPS that’s fun to play, but on the other hand you have issues with low frame-rate and a below average progression system.”
  • Beau Hindman at Massively talks about why the closing of Glitch matters“Not only is Glitch a step forward in so many directions, but it successfully toes the lines between social, casual, core, sandbox, roleplay, and a dozen other genres, all within the confines of a browser.”
  • Eric at Elder Game is seeking opinions from the community on how death should work in his MMO Gorgon“I want to experiment with variable death penalties, where players can choose how punitive they want it to be. This lets players who want a “scarier” game have one, without forcing it on people.”
  • And Stubborn has been learning things about himself as he explores the brutal world of DayZ“And that’s how the game works – more so than perhaps any game I’ve played in a long time, it teaches you to think. It immerses you in a foreign environment and you learn or you die – and often, both. “

Are you playing any smaller MMOs right now? Enjoying them? Anything to recommend?