Roundup: Ingress and Monetising Ourselves To Death

It’s the end of a busy week in the MMOSphere, and that means roundups!

First up – there have been some great posts from around the community that don’t relate to any game in particular:

  • Chris at Level Capped offers some initial thoughts on Google’s MMO/ARG/thing, Ingress“The main problem with these games is that you can only stay in one place for so long before the “game” becomes entirely reactionary. You fire it up, tap some buttons to make stuff happen, and that’s about it. “
  • Stubborn looks at what would be needed to improve the sense of community in WoW or any other MMO“Dunbar’s number – between 100 and 230 – is the average maintainable size of social relations. Each community, then isn’t going to get much larger than that.”
  • Game Delver worries that in the pursuit of “monetisation”, game developers are killing gaming“DLC specifically seems a lot less harmful. Of course, it killed off the entire idea of an expansion, which has led to most game publishers pushing for less meaningful content. “
  • And Diane at TL:DR writes about a difficult subject – how casual use of the word “rape” in MMOs affects people who have actually been raped“I think a lot of these comments – not just the word “rape,” but anything nasty that any troll says – are due to ignorance. I wonder whether that person would have pushed it with me as far as he did if his mother or sister had been raped.”

Is monetisation killing gaming? Could we improve our MMO’s community?