Pre-Thanksgiving Roundup: ATITD Genius, Speed, WoW Memories & LFR Drinking

It’s quiet on the blogosphere today, presumably as all you strange people who roast turkeys in November head to the family home. But with WoW’s 8th anniversary just passed, we’ve got a great retrospective. Zubon’s – plus there’s always, always LFR…

  • Aldous the Boozekin has resurfaced, and he’s giving us tips on how to do what he does best – drink. Yep, it’s the LFR Drinking Game 5.0!“You’re zoned in, waiting for the group to fill up, and you have zero healers in the group – drink once for every minute that you’re waiting”
  • Zinn gets nostalgic, giving us a great rundown of his top 5 moments in World of Warcraft“Eventually I would get to know every nook and cranny of this game better than the back of my hand and having to cross long distances now annoys me more than it fills me with wonder, but I can still find places in WoW where I just stroll around and take in the scenery and simple grandness of it all.”
  • Zubon looks at a particularly genius-driven piece of MMO design – the complex social challenge that is A Tale In The Desert’s Test of the Obilisk“Really, I can pass the Test for just 8 cubits? Up goes the obelisk! Oh, you built yours 6 days and 18 hours ago? Sorry about that/sucks to be you. “
  • And Stubborn leads us into the Thanksgiving weekend with a look at how pacing, and gameplay speed, present MMO designers with unique challenges“Overall, a lot of the slower paced activities are actively looked down on by fast-paced players. They equate pacing with skill, when in fact different skills are utilized by different pacings; more visceral skills, like reflexes and accuracy (aim or rotation accuracy), are often more fast-paced skills, whereas tactical strategy is often a slower-paced skill.”

Have a great Thanksgiving weekend – or just a regular weekend!