Of Interest To Everyone: Elder Scrolls, Megaserver, Windows 8, more…

Will Windows 8 mean you can’t play Guild Wars? Do the new Elder Scrolls Online videos look less awful? Is the world’s perception of MMORPG players fair?

All these questions and more are answered today…

  • Gary at FunSponge gives the recently-released videos of The Elder Scrolls Online a thorough examination“First things first, the environments look surprisingly good. Sure, a lot of it is lighting and dramatic angles, but it’s nice”
  • Deme looks at a new “Are MMOs Addictive?” survey, and answers with another question – “Shouldn’t we be looking at all the good stuff they offer too?”” being in a game does not mean you’re being anti-social. More often than not, rather than slobbing out in front of the TV, you’re interacting with people of all races, cultural backgrounds, geographical locations and interests to work on killing nasty pixels and build team relationships. “
  • MMO Juggler tested out Windows 8 with most popular MMOs and lets us know what works and what doesn’t“Other MMOs I have also run fine: Guild Wars 2, DDO, and Fallen Earth. I logged into both and played a little bit of each.”
  • And Redbeard considers the extent to which communication limits both PuG groups and some players“I can type, and type quickly. Not everybody can. I can’t type on the fly in the middle of a fight, while others can.”

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