LoTRO Roundup: Evil, Story, Horses and More

It’s a quieter MMO than others in terms of blog posts, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing going on in Lord of the Rings Online. In this week’s roundup, we’ve got everything from massive charity events to a great look at whether the Riders of Rohan expansion has been a success:

  • Big congratulations to the Casual Stroll To Mordor crew, whose Fellowship Walk charity event raised over $8,000 for Child’s Play“I cannot say it enough. The LOTRO Community is simply amazing. Thank you to all who donated in all forms be it monetary, those who donated prizes and auctions, or in terms of your time to join us on the walks in-game.”
  • Ravious praises the way that LoTRO’s storyline actually looks back at your past heroic deeds” I almost shed a tear at the thought that an NPC really seemed to notice that I had killed ten rats and stayed in their thoughts and prayers”
  • Syp begs to be allowed to be less than heroic in LoTRO – although he does get a bit carried away at the end” I’d stop my questing once and for all, and establish my base of operations as I sought to take on Saruman, Sauron, and the Free Peoples in a no-holds cage match for the dominion of Middle-earth. I’d make my coat of arms a terrifying clown face and my army a hired band of unstoppable Hobbits and Dwarves.”
  • And Roger at Contains Moderate Peril takes a detailed look over what he considers the good, the bad and the lazy of the expansion” By and large I am enjoying the new content which is written to an extremely high standard. It would seem even the most minor quest have an interesting back story to them”

Are you playing LoTRO right now? If so, how’s it going?