Kickstarter Controversy Hits

Kickstarter, and the mass of games projects looking for funding through it, has been a continued subject of discussion this year – but over the last few days that murmur has risen into a roar. Catalysed by the announcement that the Pathfinder MMO project is running a second Kickstarter funding round, MMO bloggers from all over the world are discussing the good, the bad and the implausible of crowdsourced funding:

  • Unsubject is fair but skeptical in a thorough discussion of the Pathfinder Kickstarter strategy“Here’s a studio with a lot of promises about what the game will contain when finished four years from now, and you can get in on the ground floor if you put your money in now. As an added attraction, if you spend $100 or more, you’ll get into early beta.”
  • Chris at Level Capped praises a Kickstarted MMO that seems to be getting it right – crafting MMO GreedMonger“My interest in this project has grown accordingly. Other projects that I’ve backed that have had fewer updates have more or less fallen off my radar.”
  • Adam at The Noisy Rogue finds that the second Pathfinder Kickstarter makes him extremely suspicious“If investors wouldn’t get your vision, why the hell would you start up the first kickstarter in order to secure funding from investors? “
  • Massively launches their new Think Tank column with a discussion of the pros and cons of Kickstarter“Philosophically, I love the idea of throwing a bunch of ideas at Kickstarter and seeing what sticks, but piles of failed MMO Kickstarters, most of which never had a chance anyway, hurt the industry and allow all the usual suspects to declare MMOs a failed genre.”
  • And Tobold looks at the ways Kickstarter games can turn out massively different than they were promised“I am sure that many games change a lot during the development process. Most of the time nobody even notices, because that all happens behind closed doors. “

Have you Kickstarted a game? Would you?