GW2 Viewpoints: Lost Shores and the Trial Weekend

In the Big Battle Before Thanksgiving for our attention, it certainly looks like Guild Wars 2 emerged the winner. Its Lost Shores event attracted plenty of attention, praise and criticism earlier this week already, and between that and its free trial, the discussions just keep on coming:

  • Psychochild writes a really detailed breakdown of his perceived pros and cons from trying the game out for a while” From the way the fog of war on the world map looks like an abstract painting to the lovely concept art used as loading screens, you can tell the fine art influence on the game. It’s a testament to the art team that they were able to take these gorgeous images and turn them into 3D spaces.”
  • Syl considers the Lost Shores event, finding it awesome and awful in about equal measure“Mixed is a very mild way of calling an experience that I would otherwise describe as two thirds horribly boring, repetitive grind and one third epic encounter. “
  • Jeromai writes a truly epic breakdown of his Lost Shores experience, in three parts: Part 1Part 2Part 3“What puzzles me is why ArenaNet can’t make “one-off events” that last for several weeks to a month, with event or dungeon instances that help tell the story at a more immersive pace.”
  • And Beau Hindman at Massively took the chance of the trial to check GW2 out, finding it very fun but very safe“Guild Wars 2 is a massive playroom romp that is truly well-built. “

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