GW2 Roundup: All Of This Has Happened Before. Plus Fractals.

I felt the time was about right for a Battlestar Galactica reference. Plus, it’s actually appropriate – Zubon’s really nailed it today with an example of how MMORPG history repeats itself, and is doing so again in Guild Wars.

Plus, we’ve got Psychochild’s epic examination of the game, more on fractals, and more…

  • Psychochild continues his dissection of GW2 from the point of view of an experienced developer – fascinating stuff in here” If we had infinite resources that were available everywhere, there would be no need for economics because there would be no scarcity. This is basically what has happened to GW2’s economy.”
  • Zubon gives us a spot-on example of a game that initially developed in a way spookily similar to Guild Wars 2“The PvE was relatively relaxed, the community was more positive than average. There was a lot of play and exploration below the level cap, and the endgame content was structured around single-group dungeons, although content did exist for larger groups of characters to tackle together, if you were up for fighting a dragon.”
  • Clockwork looks at the new Fractal dungeons, and unusually has more than a few issues with them“”Lets split the community into 40 units within each server!” – Said no wise developer ever.”
  • Keen writes a short piece in support of Guild Wars 2’s new direction with Ascended gear“The problem ArenaNet ran into is that they violated their own “Manifesto” (like a constitution for their game) and created a gear-grind when they said they wouldn’t.”

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