Guild Wars 2 Lost Shores: How Did It Go?

Guild Wars 2’s second piece of one-time content, The Lost Shores, was this weekend. So did it manage to build on the success of the first one?

Well… Yes and no. There were some great moments, it would appear – but also one glaring, horrible, game-ruining problem:

  • Ravious gives us a fantastic overview of the entire event – not just the massed battles, but also the quests, phases, and more“The event for me was mostly positive, but I did put too much work in to enjoying much of it. Some people are still really rubbed raw from the whole experience. Others, like me, see mostly sunshine.”
  • Vagabond was far from impressed with an event he felt promised much, but fell flat due to hordes of bugged events“I am not so frustrated yet that I’d go back to Vanguard. I’ll keep playing gw2. But I will not attend live events any more.. wasting my play time on bugs is not something I want to do.”
  • Entombed covers the event from a personal perspective, ending up with mixed feelings but not disappointment“I will definitely remember this weekend years from now. And that’s one of the best features of the game, that strikes to the very being of ArenaNet.”
  • Dusty Monk covers everything – and I mean everything – about the event, from the great to the awful“The event wasn’t without its difficulties. And yes, a number of things went wrong. But at the end of the weekend, the end result was that I had an absolute blast.”
  • Clockwork is very upset about the way communicated what the live event would offer to participants“So really, Arenanet…please, not again, don’t do this again. Now many players are going into this new content feeling as though they missed out and are already demoralized.”
  • Gazimoff gives us excellent, thorough coverage of the key failing of the event – massive, event-killing, morale-sapping lag“The massive periods of lag – 30 seconds to a minute of frozen combat at times – meant that dodging out of the way was a fleeting dream. If you’re lucky, the downed state would be there to greet you.”
  • Hunter’s Insight revisits their thoughts about one-time content after this second event“Big events like this cause a lot of hype and players to come back and money to be spent and create an atmosphere that makes it seem like the game is alive. But the number of people they’re aggravating with poor implementation and scheduling surely alienates as many people as it excites.”
  • And Demajen writes about the good, the bad and the ugly of the event from the perspective of someone who felt there were far more of the last two“Tedious, drawn-out, and atrociously scaling, The Lost Shores world event does exactly the opposite of what I imagine ArenaNet wanted for its free trial weekend.”

Did you play Lost Shores? What did you think?