Guild Wars 2 Difficulty: Challenging or Frustrating?

by on November 7, 2012

Guild Wars 2 has a reputation as being hard – from its unforgiving dungeons to its jumping puzzles. But is it fun hard or frustrating hard?

That’s the question that the blogosphere has been pondering for a while now – and here are some fascinating viewpoints on the problem:

  • Jester, normally an EVE player, ventured into a GW2 dungeon, and found it both startlingly hard and very rewarding“The level design was great, the AI design was better, and the balancing of the opposition we were facing was nearly letter-perfect. As long as we pulled together and used our joint skills smartly, we advanced. If we didn’t, we got steam-rollered. “
  • Hunter’s Insight looks at one aspect of GW2′s dungeons that he argues is just plain frustrating – the distance between bosses and respawn points“One of the worst penalties in gaming is wasting the time of the player. It’s a commodity that is valuable to us not just in gaming but in the rest of our lives as well. So when you waste it, you had better have a damn fucking good reason.”
  • And Clockwork looks at the infamous Halloween jumping puzzle, the Clock Tower, and considers whether the difficulty was real, or simply tedium“You can’t really “out skill” the presence of other players blocking your vision. No amount of skill could save a player that jumped towards the clock face without knowing it would soon break. Perhaps you could argue that “skill” can alleviate these but they were choices that were character specific, not player.”

Personally, I’m enjoying the brutal difficulty of some of GW2 – but then, I’m also a fan of the Demon’s Souls series and WoW TBC Heroics, so I may not be representative of the playerbase at large…

What do you think? Too hard, or just right?

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MMORaid November 7, 2012 at 6:00 pm

When did “difficulty” become a negative aspect in gaming? Aren’t games supposed to be difficult? isn’t that why we play them and continue playing them? People complained about the jumping clock game during the entire event, but guess what, some people beat it so they deserve the prize. It’s called an accomplishment and not everyone deserves it. I’m sick of players thinking everything should be beatable as long as they try.


Guild Wars 2 Sucks May 26, 2013 at 10:23 pm

The jumping puzzles are WAY too hard and frustating to be any fun at all. Horrible difficulty is a very negative aspect in games nowadays. I play a game not for high difficulty but for fun! And it’s NO fun when you a 1000 times just because ArenaNet couldn’t get their stuff done right. The game is unfair not challenging! The rewards you get for completing a jumping puzzle are a bad joke. I’ve played games with really high difficulty but Guild Wars 2 just slaps you straight in the face and laughs at you when one of many bugs within the game make it impossible for you to get an archievement.


Contessa July 29, 2013 at 3:04 pm

Everything in GW2 is achievable, it just takes focus and some aptitude to figure out how something was meant to be done. Then add Teamwork.

Frustrating? Only till you figure out that it’s mostly your own failings that make it so. Take for example the last jumping puzzle added; If you try and do it with the swiftness boon active, you’re going to fail. Why? it was designed to be done at normal speed with precise small jumps. Should it have a big Fisher Price sign up saying “Don’t Run Children”?’s up to you to figure it out.
If that is too hard, maybe you should go back to Duplo bricks, instead of trying to impress with Lego Technic ;)

Dungeons Hard? Sure, as they are meant to be. What is the point of something being so easy to kill you don’t even have to move or think?
I’ve heard people moan how hard a dungeon was whilst they were all there in gear and specs with low survivability, who were surprised that they got their arses handed to them when all they did was damage and no support.
Guild Wars 2 dungeons are about synergy and not thinking about yourself, everyone has abilities that may seem mundane but when applied to a given situation are gold, and save the day. Alas…if people just copy a spec from a website and expect to pawn…they are fools… It’s far more intricate than Tank and Spank. Alas, people have been spoiled by World of Warcraft’s inane cotton wrapped play style and expect everything to be straightforward.

Guild Wars 2 does not hand you things, you work for them and you get rewarded. If you find it too hard, frankly you’re not a good player, or a bad team player, so perhaps you need to go play something designed primarily for young children that is totally safe and requires a small learning curve.
It’s not the game’s fault that you feel inadequate, and besides if it’s how you look to others that bothers you, there are ways to build your character to be extremely supportive of others, whilst still inflicting damage where needed. There are no damage meters in GW2. The only think that matters is the lifeless corpse of a boss at your feet ^^.

There is also a lot of content in GW2 that is easy for those that don’t like to be challenged. And sure there are bugs, but they are fixed swiftly, and that content can be avoided till it’s so.


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