Greedmonger, WoW in the Senate, EVE Bodybuilder, and more

It’s time, I think, for Random Stuff – the cool, interesting posts or stories that don’t have a specific thread between them. Here we go!

  • Chris at Level Capped looks at the Kickstarter for a non-combat MMO called Greed Monger“In reality, there’ll be a land rush where those who get in early and pay the most set up camp in the most desirable locations, bringing along their friends to circle the wagons around the best resources. Anyone coming in later, or without a support group, will be limited to the dregs of the land, locked out of opportunities controlled by the land barons who are more interested in extortion than in creating a greater community.”
  • Keen argues that the price of an MMO subscription is almost never what stops us playing it” Blizzard still charges $15 a month for WoW because they are not competing on price. $60 boxes still release every Tuesday, and some sell multiple millions. Be unique, develop a reputation, improve, or find some way to differentiate. “
  • Rowan Blaze gives us the tremendously exciting news that an MMORPG player is now a US State Senator in Maine.
  • CNN brings us an entertaining story of a man who became inspired to start bodybuilding by his EVE character“Brand loyalty is one of the reasons Dickinson first decided to shape up. During his trip to the 2009 “EVE Online” FanFest, real life hit him smack in the face. Walking into the convention, he didn’t feel like Roc. He felt like a stereotypical geek, surrounded by other stereotypical geeks.”
  • And Zubon cautions us that just because an event was fun with friends, that doesn’t mean that the fun came from the event, rather than the friends“Just because you had a good time does not mean that it was good. “So bad it’s good” is still bad.”

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