Goodbye, City Of Heroes

Today is the last day of ground-breaking MMO City of Heroes. One of the first non-fantasy MMOs to launch, predating World of Warcraft by almost a year, it has been a cult favourite for many gamers. But despite the efforts of the players to save it, publisher NCSoft have decided to pull the plug on this beloved title.

Bloggers have been saying farewell to CoH all day:

  • The Ancient Gaming Noob says farewell“I think if City of Heroes had been more core to the NCsoft corporate story, the way EverQuest is to SOE, we would have seen a lot more work on the part of the company to keep it around. “
  • Misha presents one final gallery of shots from the final days of CoH
  • UnSubject looks back at CoH’s history, discussing some of the features it promised which could have been ground-breaking, but never quite were“When supergroup bases were announced as part of City of Villains, a long-time community request seemed to be answered. Which superhero (or villain) doesn’t have a base? It’s part of the genre!”
  • Eliot Lefebvre, Massively’s CoH columnist for the last few years, says goodbye in the form of a piece of CoH fiction“”Come on, big guy. We’ll go out there, we’ll fight crime across the country, we’ll do… you know, the whole wandering justice thing. Cowboys. But, like, cowboys with super powers.””
  • And Lorehound reports on the superhuman tenacity of the Save CoH campaign, which even now is trying to save their beloved game“Best selling author Mercedes Lackey, who helped to draft the pitch to Disney, stated “We believe that Disney and City of Heroes are a perfect match.”

CoH was the first game to ever really spark my interest in the MMORPG genre. It’ll be much missed.