Game Design Roundup: To Hit Roles, Conversation, And MMO Club

Most of the conversation about game design theory in the MMOSphere at the moment is going toward the mammoth discussion of community, but there have been some other interesting digressions of late – let’s take a look…

  • Zubon writes a stormer of an article looking at the history of to-hit rolls in MMORPGs and asking exactly why we still include them“One of the City of Heroes developers remarked that, had he to do it over again, he would not have included a to-hit roll or an accuracy stat. Every attack would hit unless some defense caused it to miss, and then you would have an indicator of why you missed. “
  • Semi-related to the “Community” discussion, Pewter suggests that maybe developers need to spend more time looking at the ways in which they encourage players to interact socially“While Warcraft has all the hallmarks of convenience these days, it certainly started out with a lot of dialogue surrounding the very act of creating a group. Whatever the game looks like now, it started out with many more conversations inherent in the way players interacted with each other.”
  • And Syncaine is both typically cynical and typically interesting as he discusses how sustainability, in his viewpoint, makes an MMO“I’ll just cut right to the chase and state the (maybe not so) obvious: an MMO only works if it works long-term.”

What do you think?