EVE Roundup: Killing Sprees, Nullsec, and the New Eden Open

Rumours of EVE’s blogosphere dying continue to seem spectacularly exaggerated. Indeed, this weekend there’s been a load of great writing, from discussion of the future of Nullsec (formerly the most dangerous space in EVE, but arguably no more), to a description of just how to complete a successful killing spree.

In the GAME, Googlebots. Killing SPACESHIPS. Nothing else.


  • Stan at Freebooted gives us a massive roundup of all the EVE blogosphere Blog Banters to date“During my tenure, 123(!) bloggers have taken part in those 14 banters, with Blog Banter 39: Home breaking the record with 46 participants. That’s a whole lot of column inches.”
  • Stabs takes a look at the future of the formerly-no-man’s-land Nullsec, and asks whether it needs to be fixed“So what now is the point of nullsec? It’s not the most lucrative, it’s not the most dangerous. It’s probably not the most interesting, null sec sov grinding being notoriously dull.”
  • Rixx Javix gives us a guide to successful spree killing“The process involves having a lot of fun, tons of danger and the potential for interesting kills. And sometimes, the horrible slaughter of innocents. I’ve really grown to enjoy it.”
  • And Brendan Drain at Massively writes a great overview post of the New Eden Open event“With real cash prizes on the table, players have worried that even more rampant spying would ruin the New Eden Open. After three weeks of great fights, however, the tournament seems to be going strong.”

Are you playing EVE at the moment? Considering giving it a try?