EVE: Formations, Retribution and Command Ship Changes

Is EVE blogging dying, as some people were wondering earlier this week? Judging by the interesting posts coming out of the community every day, not at all:

  • Stan at Freebooted looks at the question of whether EVE should introduce formations as a factor in its combat“A blob is so-called because it is a disorganised collection of ships, fleeted together but arranged pretty much at random in a spherical formation. Being able to match speed and direction could give rise to more thoughtfully arranged blobs with central or back-line sniping ships, outlying tacklers, vulnerable ships placed appropriately before an engagement begins.”
  • Jester performs the difficult task of making the debate about CCP’s changes to EVE’s command ships intelligible even to the non-EVE player“To me, the capital class ships are the highest priority of broken, but maybe I’m just too close to that problem to see it clearly. “
  • And Rixx looks at the features coming in the next EVE expansion – Retribution“I’m a spaceship fan. It is the primary reason I play Eve, to fly spaceships in space. So any expansion that adds more spaceships to an already spaceship filled game is automagically a good expansion in my book.”

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