Drama, Brawling, How Average is Average, and How To Understand Stamina – WoW Roundup

It’s been a busy couple of days for WoW, with everything from the LFR Debate to news filtering out of the Public Test Realm faster and faster. So, if you want more brain-food for your WoW, from the troubles that Stamina causes top theorycrafters to an impassioned argument for opening up the Brawler’s Guild, here we go…

  • Theck writes a fascinating – if somewhat mathsy – explanation of why understand Stamina’s effectiveness for tanks is actually a huge unsolved problem“If you model a “perfect” healer, the tank almost never dies. So you want to model an “imperfect” healer, because tanks tend to die when someone makes a mistake (healer or tank). But how do you model “bad” play when that sort of play is inherently inconsistent and varies from player to player and encounter to encounter?”
  • The Godmother boggles at players who want the old LFR looting system back – because they miss the drama“What I find incredible is that if someone in the Real World went to the amount of trouble Blizzard have to improve people’s quality of life, they’d get a lot less grief and a lot more general acceptance for their efforts. It just goes to show, you can’t keep everyone happy, even if you do your best.”
  • The Grumpy Elf attempted to estimate the average competence of LFR players – With Science! (Sort of)“I wonder what the other 15 DPS would think if they knew that the person that finished #2 was a tank with all tank type gear playing cat for the first time in ages pressing only 1 button the entire fight.”
  • And Olivia Grace argues against the current intention to sell off Brawler’s Guild invitations to gold barons and AH players“The part that I find most objectionable about this proposed change is that those who have the invitations can hold other players ransom for access to the Brawler’s Guild. “

I honestly don’t know what the right way to jump on the Brawler’s Guild is – although I agree, it seems somewhat unfair to limit it only to players with huge amounts of in-game gold. Still, as the invitations are one-way, I’m not sure how long the gates would hold – I recall how easy it became to aquire Gmail invitations, back in the day…

What do you think?