Darkfall And EverQuest 2 Roundup

In amidst the furore of all the huge new games launching, getting expansions, or generally making noise, it’s easy to forget the smaller guys. But Everquest 2’s had an expansion recently, and Darkfall, the tiny niche PvP fantasy MMO, is about to. And it’s about time we saw how they were doing.

ON which note – let’s go!

  • Chris at Game By Night has an intriguing essay up on why you should try Darkfall“If someone has told you that losing your gear when you die is a big deal, let me be clear, they weren’t actually playing the game.”
  • The Ancient Gaming Noob considers how Everquest’s new tradeable game time will work out in the long run“Let’s say you buy a Krono and put it on the market for 700 plat and it sells. Is 700 plat the real market price? Did you simply price the Krono too low? Did you just find a fat cat in a hurry? Were you simply the lowest price at that moment on the broker?”
  • And Flosch returns to the game and gives his impressions after a long absence“I wasn’t 100% sure what the story was. I mean, I got part of it, but there were a lot of Erudites running around, but the city wasn’t called Erudin, but Paineel? And everything was kinda of floating in the air?”

I must admit, Chris does make Darkfall sound tempting…

Are you playing EQ, Darkfall, or another indie MMO right now?