Controversy Watch: “Welcome To WoW”, grinds, randomness

Community! Lost Shores! SWTOR F2P! There are so many fascinating discussions going on in the blogosphere right now that this issue of Controversy Watch is actually slightly thin – because we’ve already been featuring entire articles on each debate.

But nonetheless, there’s more interesting discussion out there, so here’s the latest on three issues that everyone’s been talking about:


  • The Grumpy Elf reports on a new and unwelcome development in WoW’s griefer community – the “Welcome to WoW” comment“When did this happen and why did I not get the memo? I was not aware that these types of actions were now the expected way to play the game. “


  • Contrary to the reports of endless grind, Dinaer reports on how he was able to get a freshly-90 alt raid ready in just 3 days in WoW“Personally, I’m tired of dailies. However, I see that in my gaming style they are not mandatory so I simply stopped doing them. “
  • And Bravetank takes a humorous look at how dailies and rep grinds would look in real life“Funny old day. When I arrived at the job depot (it’s all very official this “becoming friends with the Joneses” lark) they told me that I had to become adored- absolutely adored- by their relatives the Smiths first. “


  • Rohan weighs in on the “do we need more randomness?” debate, giving us two very solid arguments against more random encounters“Often, a fight with random elements contains one set of elements which is significantly easier or significantly harder than the others. This encourages guilds to reset the encounter until the “easy” combination shows up, or wipe it early if a hard combination appears.”