Brawler’s Guild Invitation Controversy: Blogger Reaction Roundup

The “Brawler’s Guild” feature in WoW Patch 5.1 sounds great, everyone agrees – with just one major drawback. Invitations to the Guild will be a matter of being the richest player – as they’re being sold on the Black Market Auction House.

A lot of bloggers are reacting to this news – some of them think it’s an awful idea, whilst others believe everything will be OK…

  • Blizzard themselves have responded to the building controversy, and Olivia Grace gives us commentary on their response” It felt so wrong that an achievement like that should be associated with gold. But their explanation of the lack of instancing just doesn’t seem to fly.”
  • Big Bear Butt has an alternative suggestion for how Brawler’s Guild invitations might be limited – and frankly, it sounds much better“Humanoid NPCs that may be out in the world. If they were invited to come to the brawlers Guild but hadn’t traveled there yet, wouldn’t that make them challenging, powerful, deadly opponents in possession of an invitation when looted?”
  • The Godmother lays out her concerns with the invitation system, and just why she believes tying the invites to gold is a disasterous idea“I hate to break it to you, but there are people with enough money and clout on servers to make exactly what you’re saying a reality. I’m also betting these people won’t simply capitalise on this, they’ll exploit it to the absolute max. “
  • 15 Minutes of WoW goes against the general tide of discussion, saying that the invitation system will only be a problem very briefly” It is unlikely that anyone who cares about gaining access will have to wait more than a week or two, if that long. With this rapid accessibility, the cost of the actual purchased access will plummet in mere days”
  • And The Grumpy Elf loves the idea of the Brawler’s Guild, but is even more grumpy than usual about its implementation” In a mmo you should never have something that you need to form a line to do. It is not in the spirit of multi player games.”

From the point of view of a skilled Auction House player, I’m STILL not very convinced by this plan. Big Bear Butt’s idea of giving the invitations to challenging NPCs seems like a much better way to limit invitations whilst keeping the feel of the Guild consistent.

What do you think? Storm in a teacup or disaster waiting to happen?