Blogger Reactions To The Guild Wars 2 AMA

Yes, Guild Wars 2 developer Chris Whiteside took the extremely unusual step of engaging his public directly yesterday, running an Ask Me Anything interview on Reddit. At a time when feelings are running pretty high in the Guild Wars community, it was a bold move. But how did the GW2 community react? Find out more…

  • Dulfy has an excellent summary of the questions raised and answers given
  • Demajen was impressed with Mr Whiteside’s move, but far less so with the community and its reaction“I feel sorry for Chris Whiteside. He stood up, put his name to some mistakes, took responsibility. And then a horde of nameless, faceless individuals went off on one at him.”
  • Entombed was left split between being impressed and dismayed” I’m torn between two very different impressions of ArenaNet. They seem to design some things very well, and are extremely well thought-out, other times I’m just left scratching my head.”
  • And Optimus Maleficus goes point-by-point through the AMA, generally finding it comprehensive and impressive“Explicitly, Chris says they do not intend to introduce a new tier of loot above Ascended.”

Did you read the AMA? What was your impression?