Are You Required To Do LFR – or ANY MMO content?

by on November 5, 2012

No-one’s required to do LFR, right? You don’t have to do it.

Or do you?

That’s the question that blew up on the official forums over the weekend – and has prompted several bloggers to write interesting posts looking at the issue of social expectations, hardcore raiding, and just what you are or aren’t required to do…

  • Here’s Zarhym’s original post and his lengthy follow-up” Our goal isn’t to make sure progression raiders never want or need to run LFR. Having experienced raiders queuing up is usually going to be a net gain for everyone (in terms of wait times, success rates, etc.). There is usually some benefit to most level-90 players running Raid Finder, but that’s obviously very different from “forced content.”"
  • Anafielle was actually the one who Zarhym quotes in his response, above, and she wrote a fascinating follow-up post looking at whether LFR is indeed required“It really annoys me to see my style of play disrespected by others. Comments like “You have a guild problem” or “That’s a playstyle choice” are really disrespectful to me. They completely miss the point.”
  • And Matticus also weighed in on the issue of LFR being required, pointing out that in loot distribution systems where player effort is considered, LFR attendance or not will affect your chances of raiding loot“Watching people absolutely refuse to queue for it despite the fact there’s a chance for possible upgrades feels like they’re not as willing nor as committed as I am to the success of the raid group.”
  • And finally, Dinaer wrote on a similar subject last week, putting a lot of the complains about “required” content down to nothing more than impatience“People have no self-control. We see dailies and reputations and say OMG I HAVE TO DO THAT BECAUSE ITS THERE. Rein it in. You’ve probably got two years with this expansion. You can get the reputation to exalted later. Or next year.”

The topic of what’s required and expected in an MMO is an endlessly complex and fascinating one – and it’s certainly not as simple as “if you don’t want to do LFR but feel you have to, UR playin it rong”. I’ll be interested to see where the debate goes from here.

What do you think?

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Matt November 5, 2012 at 10:23 pm

They can solve this by tightening up the ilevels. Say heroic gear is ilvl 400. Then LFR could be 403, normal 406, and then heroic raid 410. That way, heroic to LFR is only 3 ilvls…not really worth it for someone who doesn’t want to do it anyway.


Pliers November 5, 2012 at 11:39 pm

Matt, that actually does the opposite, and makes LFR even more desirable. From a progression raider’s perspective, the purpose of LFR is to fill in gaps of gear until you can get them from normal and heroics. Tier gear, weapons, and trinkets are of particularly high value, but anything beats the only farm-able gear you can get right now: 463 blues. If the LFR gear was only 3ilvls lower, it would be even more appealing.


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