Are The Rep Grinds In Danger Of Killing Parts Of WoW?

It seems to be a bit of a macabre day today. First we’ve got EVE Online’s blogosphere, said by some to be in imminent danger of extinction, and now we’re talking about the reputation grind of Mists of Pandaria, which more than a few bloggers have claimed is or will choke off parts of the game entirely.

But is it that much of a problem? And for whom?

  • The Grumpy Elf is the second to sound the warning horn on the effects of rep grinds on alt characters“I am a grinder, I love to grind and I would gladly go through what could be an amazingly hard and long grind, but I will not do it another time on another character just to get some sort of profession item. It moves from the category of fun, which is doing it on my main, to work, which is doing it on an alt.”
  • Pike doesn’t understand why people are complaining about reputation grinds now, after the rep grinds of previous WoW expansions“Do you remember back in Burning Crusade when you had to be Revered with a faction just to run that faction’s heroic? Yeah. Later they changed it to Honored, but still!”
  • And Shy explains why she’s finding that she’s at a brick wall with her WoW play, as a casual player with nothing to spend Valor on unless she grinds“The only SOLO path of progression is doing dailies. You can run dungeons till you drop, but it doesn’t matter. Without doing the dailies you have nowhere to spend your valor.”

It doesn’t look like the rep grind discussion’s dying out any time soon. But why is it a bigger deal this time around? Will it screw up your alt play? And is it as bad as it looks for casual players?

Let us know what you think!