WoW: The Non-Grind Edition

You’d be forgiven for thinking that you’d stumbled on a coffee blog if you’re reading about WoW at the moment – everyone’s talking about the grind. But fear not – there’s much more to WoW than just dailies, as these bloggers pointed out this weekend:

  • Evlyxx is looking for co-consipirators for a very cool cross-realm raiding project: getting the “Herald of the Titans” title, only possible at level 80 with appropriate gear“In reality this means that your armour items must be ilvl 226 (or less) and weapons/off hands must be ilvl 232 (or less). They don’t need to be from Ulduar, although to max the stats Ulduar 25 is the best place to farm gear. “
  • The Ancient Gaming Noob reports that Blizzard have just changed their stance on charging payments after Annual Pass expiry“I went to check my WoW account yesterday, just to make sure that the times and dates hadn’t altered for whatever reason. Everything seemed about the same. However, the cancel button was no longer grayed out. So I clicked it. “
  • Green Armadillo considers his Annual Pass too – was it actually good value, and will Blizzard further innovate with it in the future?” I speculated whether Blizzard would be doing anything to make the base price of the WoW subscription more palatable to people like myself who are open to paying a bit more for uninterrupted access, but not $150/year. Despite the success of the program – over 1.2 million customers took Blizzard up on it – the answer is apparently not. “
  • Tobold is looking at the reputation grind from a slightly different direction – a just-dinged 90 who can’t even spend his Justice Points“I don’t mind there being daily quests in the game, there are probably a lot of people who like them as an endgame activity. But why not make the rewards for dailies to be pets and mounts and other stuff you don’t need to run heroics and raids?”
  • And lastly, Mister Adequate writes a fun post looking at the WoW races that should totally, totally be playable“Naga. The quests in Vash’jir where you are a Naga Battlemaiden are great, because you get to see how cool as heck Naga are. Turns out they’re refined, treat their underlings reasonably, and act with respect and decorum! Also they have that crazy spinny-blade blender move that minces everything.”

How’s your WoWing been this weekend?