WoW: Healer Performance in MoP, Tiller Love, Final Achievements

We’re moving to doing game-specific roundup posts here at the Pot for a while – let me know what you think, or if you prefer the old grab-bag style.

Today’s game is WoW – from Reasons To Love The Tillers, to some seriously hardcore graphing of healer performance so far this expansion, it’s all interesting stuff for those of us in the Land of Pandas:

  • Erinys writes a quick post crowing about three little fluff items that make her love the Tillers farming faction“This wonderful set makes your character don a chefs hat and start chopping as if you’re in the final minutes of a closely fought Iron Chef battle. You swiftly reduce your kill to a pile of blood red guts such is your enthusiasm”
  • Beruthiel is back on the case with some serious graphs, as she looks at the state of the various healing classes one month into the expansion“Monks are undeniably the strongest healers at this juncture in the game with none of the other healing classes coming close to them in performance. They are followed by Shaman and Paladins, with Druids and Priests bringing up the rear.”
  • The Ancient Gaming Noob writes about his experience completing his last-ever WoW achievement as he leaves the game behind” The account was cancelled and would no longer be a worry. Around 5am today it was closed. But last night, when there were still a few more hours left to go, I decided to log in one more time and bang out one last achievement.”
  • And Lono is embarking on an ambitious-sounding research project to figure out just why and how raids work – and he needs your help to do it.“To put it simply, people are keen to say that they loved some raids but not why.”

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