What’s Up In WoW? Tillers, Secrets, And Dinner

Things are surprisingly quiet in the WoW blogosphere at the moment, with the only major ongoing topic being that of dailies and Valor Points. But nonetheless, bloggers are still writing some very interesting posts – come with us to see the best of the last week, all in one place…

  • The Godmother looks at all the empty spaces of Azeroth, and wonders if it’s a hint of expansions to come“I’m keeping a mental note of every vast area I find (and screenies wherever possible) and my fingers firmly crossed that at some point in the war between Alliance and Horde that we’re going to no just see major changes in Pandaria, but there might be some action far closer to ‘home’… “
  • Scott Andrews writes a fantastic article in WoW Insider looking at the creepy secrets of WoW – I didn’t know MOST of these – “Horde characters may be surprised to find out that every time they’ve ridden through the Ruins of Lordaeron above the Undercity, they’ve been surrounded by invisible ghosts. “
  • The Grumpy Elf poses a fascinating, and seriously off-the-wall, question – which lore character would you like to have dinner with?“There are some lesser spoken about lore characters that really interest me. Like the Windrunner family, at least the ones not named Sylvanas. “
  • Eric at The Golden Crusade is performing his annual survey of WoW wealth“I hope to make this a regular event every year around the same time to track how player wealth progresses across the years and expansions. Since this is the second survey it will be the first opportunity to track changes in player wealth over time. “
  • Zinn ponders a question many people have faced – is it possible to play WoW seriously, but just a little?“Yet I can’t, I just can’t help, but feeling like I am really missing out. Like there is not even a point to playing WoW unless you do endgame of some sort, like raiding or pvp. I level my mage and I think “why waste my time, because there will be nothing, nothing, for me to do once I hit max level.”
  • And Kamalia looks to the future of the Tillers and our beloved little farms“For the Alliance, Elwynn Forest seems to be a natural choice for a farm. Perhaps Tommy Joe Stonefield and Maybell Maclure have finally succeeded in running off together to start their own farm, and they need us to help them get things going and prove themselves to their angry parents.”

How’s WoW treating you this week?